Bingo Blitz is part of the Playtika family of games, which as such connects to its numerous services, but provides a somewhat distinct gaming experience by the way of providing a comprehensive Bingo framework. Although the app has a family of slots as well, they’re not as thrilling as what’s found in the various slot games, and they’re mostly supportive of producing more Bingo coins.

As such, I’m going to concentrate a lot of my analysis on the bingo facets of this game, which have a lot of pros and cons, and how this software (and Facebook game companion) blends into their ecosystem.

Bingo Blitz’s main aim is to play bingo and get bingo. As many Playtika games, there are a lot of secondary goals, and we’re going to work on them one by one.

There are different ways you can play, but to start with, it lets you know how bingo rooms are set out.

The game features a series of rooms divided into two main categories:

Cities: Cities are regular spaces, divided into sets of 5.

Limited Time Rooms: themed and time-limited rooms come and play daily, with their own unique missions and achievements.


As other Playtika games, it seems like an almost infinite way to earn Bingo Points:

  • Regular Bonus: You can receive your daily reward once a day (technically every 23 hours).
  • Regular Wheel Ride: Right after that, you’ll get a free spin to earn power-ups, gold coins, or Bingo Points.
  • Completing Bingo: You’re going to earn Bingo Points every time you bingo. This prize will be doubled if the power-up is enabled during the round.
  • Treasure Chests: Winning treasure chests while playing bingo can contain a number of rewards, including Bingo Points. The higher your level of Bingo when you start a game, the greater the reward will be.
  • Leveling Up: Bingo Points is one of the rewards you earn as you level up.
  • Completion of Bingo Collections: Bingo Set Completions come with rewards that intensify as you get to more expensive rooms. Limited period rooms have three sets that have expanded rewards upon completion.
  • Create Recipes: Each finished recipe gives you both Bingo Points and Ingredient Points.
  • Recipe Completion Collections: Recipe Compilation Completion comes with a sizeable bonus that expands inside the recipe package with each collection completed.
  • Special Events Completion: Usually completing phases of a special event will earn you Bingo Points, and if you complete both phases (or reach a high enough rank in competitive events) you will receive a big Bingo Point bonus.
  • Limited Time Room Activities: Most limited time room events come with some kind of Bingo Points winning a shot.
  • Facebook Presents: Facebook offers three gifts a day, and occasionally the present is Bingo Points.
  • Friend Gifts: Buddies will give you stuff like power-ups, Bingo Points and slot spins.
  • App Notifications: App alerts will take you several times to a Bingo Point prize and a few extras.
    Regular Tournaments: Tournaments are not a lucrative way to make Bingo Points much of the time, but you can pick up a couple more and get a free ticket.
  • The Menu: There’s also a spot to win a few extra Bingo Points depending on how many bingos your buddies are making.